Sunday, May 3, 2009

Destiny Blande Popularity

For those of you following the Satin Strangler case, which means everyone, here are some interesting statistics regarding Destiny Blande’s popularity and approval ratings, according to US News.

Individual popularity ratings on the internet can be done in several ways. Most incorporate some combination of the number of searches registered for that person, the number of news items found for that person, and the volume of traffic to and from any websites featuring that person. It is a measure of interest, rather than one of approval or liking. Because of the particular system used by US News, the scale was re-set with 100 being the highest score obtained through the first 5 years of statistic gathering. As a result, scores above 100 are feasible for an individual if their popularity exceeds that of the people tracked during the first 5 years.

We have been tracking Destiny Blande since her arrest for the Satin Strangler murders; she came onto the scene with an impressive popularity score of 75. Throughout the criminal trial, her scores have consistently remained above 150, an occurrence that we sometimes see as a single day spike but that becomes more extraordinary in this case with every day that passes.

Our reader surveys have risen from 87% “guilty” to 94% “guilty” during the criminal trial. Most of the other respondents are undecided, with only a few people deeming her “not guilty.” Surveys elsewhere have shown similar results. Even a blog called DestinyIsInnocent revealed that 82% of their survey respondents believed Blande to be guilty.

Winning this criminal trial verdict would be a miracle for Blande, particularly given the anemic efforts of her defense attorney, Horace Krouch, who has been underwhelming, to say the least.


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