Thursday, December 13, 2012

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We recently announced the completion of The Satin Strangler Blogs. In addition to having several of our blog posts included in the project, we have now sold them the rights to all content originally published on our website. This website will be maintained in order to allow readers to see the blog posts used in The Satin Strangler Blogs in their original form, but all other content has been removed until further notice.

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Scavenger Hunt Reading

We are pleased to announce that several of our blog posts are being used in The Satin Strangler Blogs. Through the project, readers are led on a guided scavenger hunt through one of the most controversial news stories of our time. The complete project blog post list is available at TheSatinStranglerBlogs.

Thursday, April 29, 2010


You have to love The New York Times. With everything that’s going on in the Satin Strangler case, particularly the spectacular death of defense attorney Horace Krouch, you would expect a little more than this blurb that was tucked away in the obituary section of the paper today:

Horace P. Krouch, Esq., died at the age of 42 on Friday night in New York City. Mr. Krouch was an attorney in Manhattan for nearly 20 years. A native of New York City, he attended Phillips Exeter Academy in New Hampshire and then Yale University. He completed his legal studies at Yale University Law School, where he held the student position of Executive Editor of the prestigious Yale Law Journal. Mr. Krouch worked briefly as a public defender in Manhattan before hanging his own shingle there in 1991. He established an esteemed career as one of the nation’s most successful criminal defense attorneys, specializing in murder cases. He is perhaps best known as the criminal defense attorney for accused Satin Strangler Destiny Blande, successfully achieving an acquittal against seemingly insurmountable evidence. Mr. Krouch leaves behind no immediate family.


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Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Hunt for Satin Strangler

A world famous defense attorney’s corpse was shown on Broadway and simulcast around the world. Another man dressed as the Satin Strangler was stabbed to death off-screen. Approximately 50 million of us witnessed the event, but until today there have been only theories to explain what we saw that night. Finally some information is emerging that may help us makes sense of it all.

Horace Krouch died from asphyxiation related to the satin stocking wrapped around his neck. Did he somehow do this to himself during an autoerotic fantasy, was he killed by the other man in the room, or was there a third person who strangled him? Police have been investigating all possibilities.

The second body in the same office was Barabbas Sabbarab, who died from a single stab wound to the chest. Very little is known about Sabbarab. Police are piecing together clues from the van that served as his home for several years. Evidence gathered from the loner’s laptop computer indicates that he managed two blogs, SalvationSermons and ReleaseBarabbas. Both of these sites have extensive blogs about Krouch, Destiny Blande, and the Satin Strangler. There is otherwise no known connection between Sabbarab and either Krouch or Blande.

Police have been investigating the Broadway show footage obtained from Peerless Productions for more clues. Commissioner Chester Longaker made a statement this morning that a third person was in the office at the time of the two deaths. “We see someone in the reflection of Horace Krouch’s eyeglasses. It is only a few seconds of footage, but with digital analysis we can now make out the person’s face.”

Police have not filed any arrest warrants, but they have now named Destiny Blande as a person of interest in this case and plan to bring her in for questioning.


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Monday, April 26, 2010

A Premiere for the Ages

Yesterday Broadway gave us a once-in-a-million show and the latest chapter in the Satin Strangler saga.

If She Did It is the new theater sensation based on defense attorney Horace Krouch’s New York Times bestselling book by the same name. The theater was filled to capacity and the pre-show buzz was palpable. Fans across the country were packed into movie theaters to watch the simulcast on “the big screen.” Pay-per-view television sales crushed previous records as customers were glued to their sets at home, and the internet carried the show around the globe.

The proverbial and literal stages were set to shock and awe. The buildup for this multimedia extravaganza by director Leopold “The Great” Leroux has been touted by the press and devoured by the public since the premiere date was announced. The electronic wizardry, closed-circuit televisions, and multidirectional live video feed interplay promised to make an indelible mark on the theater industry. Everyone was watching.

The curtain opened to reveal a single 20-foot high large flat screen television in the middle of the stage. A spotlight faded as color filled the screen. Based on rampant speculation, nobody would have been surprised to see the author, Horace Krouch, sitting at his office desk to greet audiences on Broadway and around the world as the screen came to life.

And that is what we saw – well, kind of.

A robotic video camera in Krouch’s office captured the lawyer for all to see, naked and dead, the subject of an erotic-gone-horrific scene come-to-life. Krouch’s ankles were bound to the desk chair where he was seated, and his arms were tied to a black satin stocking wrapped around his neck. His purple face and blank bloodshot eyes were haunting.

Theater-goers retracted in horror, but seemed to assure themselves that this was part of the plan. Director Leopold Leroux appeared equally shocked. He stood up in the first row, called 911, and reported a death at Horace Krouch’s office address. Friends helped Leroux back to his seat as hesitant and scattered applause spread throughout the theater and coalesced to an uproar.

“I didn’t know what to do at first,” Leroux told reporters after being questioned by police. “I had no idea what happened. I just knew he was dead. I asked Syd if we should stop the show, but he said keep rolling.”

“This is the risk you took with live multimedia theater,” Producer Syd Peerless said. “One moment everything is on script. The next moment there’s a dead naked body on the stage. What could we do? There would have been riots around the world if we cancelled the show. We just went on.”

And yes, the show went on – but only after the robotic camera zoomed in for a three minute close-up of Horace Krouch’s grotesque face.

New York City police rushed to the law office of Horace Krouch and found the lawyer dead, exactly as he appeared on screen. He was bound to his desk chair and wrapped in black satin stockings. The stocking tightened around his neck was the apparent cause of death.

The death might have been attributed to self-induced autoerotic asphyxiation if it wasn’t for another tidbit of evidence – a second victim.

Commissioner Chester Longaker reported that in addition to Horace Krouch, police found another dead body. The male victim was dressed in a wig and dress with tags from a Destiny Blande Look-alike company. His body was just inside the front door of Krouch’s office, with a large hunting knife sticking out of the chest. Police have not yet determined the name of the victim.

The If She Did It website crashed during the show due to high internet traffic, but not before all remaining tickets for this year’s shows sold out. There have not yet been any announcements of postponements for future performances, so it would appear that tonight’s show is still on.

What happened yesterday to Horace Krouch? Stay tuned to The Strangler Network for more information.


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Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Latest Destiny Blande Statistics

Here is an update on Destiny Blande’s popularity scores, along with some amazing approval statistics, as reported by US News this week.

Remember that popularity scores are a reflection of the interest in a person, rather than any approval or disapproval weighing in. Because of US News’ scale methodology, scores above 100 are feasible but infrequent. When we last reported such numbers during the Satin Strangler criminal trial, Destiny Blande was achieving scores in the150’s. What has been unprecedented is the stepwise increase in popularity since that time, and the current value of 473, well more than 5 times that of Lady Gaga, who currently ranks second on the US News list.

Polls on Blande’s guilt have remained between 92-98% since the criminal trial, despite the acquittal.

Approval ratings, which indicate the percentage of respondents approving of a person, tell the most interesting story for Destiny Blande. Here the numbers directly correlate with her perceived guilt, which is highly unusual. In other words, her highest approvals have occurred during the periods when the public most widely considered her to be guilty. This is an unprecedented trend.

Blande’s approval peaks have reached greater than 90% several times, exceeding that of any US president since Gallup began keeping such statistics in 1933. Her approval ratings were 92% on the second to last day of the criminal trial, 93% immediately following the civil case decision, and 95% after the release of “The Womb” sex tapes. The low point for the ratings, by far, was during the Blande vs. Krouch libel case, when perceived guilt dropped to 84% and her approval fell to a brief nadir of 71%.

These trends suggest several conclusions.

1. Destiny Blande skyrockets off the typical popularity scales, with numbers far exceeding any seen before.
2. We, the public, are convinced that she is guilty of the Satin Strangler murders.
3. We love her.

The more we are convinced that she is guilty, the more we love her.


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Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Google Trends: Sea View, NJ

Fans of the Satin Strangler (i.e., everyone) will be interested in this internet search information we obtained from Google.

In May, 2006, Google Labs started their Google Trends service, allowing web browsers to tap into Google's database and assess search term frequency. A trends query on any topic shows the volume of queries over time, by city, regions, and languages. The data go as far back as January, 2004. Graphs show spikes in search topics and links to related news items. Geographic and regional data are also displayed, as are data by language.

Google searches for “Sea View, NJ” spiked from almost zero to their current numbers following the arrest of Destiny Blande.

Searches/Day for "Sea View, NJ":

"9/13/08: 8 searches/day
12/01/09: 130,257 searches/day

These numbers reflect similar statistics for other variations on the term “Sea View, NJ.” The search terms most commonly combined with this town name clearly reflect the source of the spike:

“Sea View, NJ” (alone): 4%

“Sea View, NJ” and _______

"Satin Strangler”........50%
"Destiny Blande”........20%
"Oceanview Motel".....10%
"Ocean Park”.............2%
other terms...............3%

Sea View Mayor Winston Mayfield has had a smaller but analogous ascent in the Google world, emerging from anonymity on the national and international Google stage to a recognizable presence on the radar screen. Scant searches before Blande’s arrest were generally combined with the terms “local green initiatives” and “surveillance systems.” Today’s searches are most often combined with “Satin Strangler.”

Data on Blande’s criminal defense attorney Horace Krouch revealed profound changes over time. Before Blande’s arrest, searches on Krouch were often linked with “Gloria Watson” and “famous lawyers.” More recently, however, searches about the famous lawyer were combined with the terms “Destiny Blande,” “Satin Strangler,” “If She Did It,” and “Sea View.” The most common search term associated with Krouch during the last month has been “sex tape.”

It doesn’t take an advanced degree in Google-ology to discern that to most of the world, Sea View has become synonymous with the Satin Strangler, as well as the supporting characters and scenes from her story. The Satin Strangler single handedly resurrected the little beach town. Blande’s supporting cast members, such as Mayfield and Krouch, have had their identities redefined through the context of the Satin Strangler case.


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