Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Hunt for Satin Strangler

A world famous defense attorney’s corpse was shown on Broadway and simulcast around the world. Another man dressed as the Satin Strangler was stabbed to death off-screen. Approximately 50 million of us witnessed the event, but until today there have been only theories to explain what we saw that night. Finally some information is emerging that may help us makes sense of it all.

Horace Krouch died from asphyxiation related to the satin stocking wrapped around his neck. Did he somehow do this to himself during an autoerotic fantasy, was he killed by the other man in the room, or was there a third person who strangled him? Police have been investigating all possibilities.

The second body in the same office was Barabbas Sabbarab, who died from a single stab wound to the chest. Very little is known about Sabbarab. Police are piecing together clues from the van that served as his home for several years. Evidence gathered from the loner’s laptop computer indicates that he managed two blogs, SalvationSermons and ReleaseBarabbas. Both of these sites have extensive blogs about Krouch, Destiny Blande, and the Satin Strangler. There is otherwise no known connection between Sabbarab and either Krouch or Blande.

Police have been investigating the Broadway show footage obtained from Peerless Productions for more clues. Commissioner Chester Longaker made a statement this morning that a third person was in the office at the time of the two deaths. “We see someone in the reflection of Horace Krouch’s eyeglasses. It is only a few seconds of footage, but with digital analysis we can now make out the person’s face.”

Police have not filed any arrest warrants, but they have now named Destiny Blande as a person of interest in this case and plan to bring her in for questioning.


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