Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Latest Destiny Blande Statistics

Here is an update on Destiny Blande’s popularity scores, along with some amazing approval statistics, as reported by US News this week.

Remember that popularity scores are a reflection of the interest in a person, rather than any approval or disapproval weighing in. Because of US News’ scale methodology, scores above 100 are feasible but infrequent. When we last reported such numbers during the Satin Strangler criminal trial, Destiny Blande was achieving scores in the150’s. What has been unprecedented is the stepwise increase in popularity since that time, and the current value of 473, well more than 5 times that of Lady Gaga, who currently ranks second on the US News list.

Polls on Blande’s guilt have remained between 92-98% since the criminal trial, despite the acquittal.

Approval ratings, which indicate the percentage of respondents approving of a person, tell the most interesting story for Destiny Blande. Here the numbers directly correlate with her perceived guilt, which is highly unusual. In other words, her highest approvals have occurred during the periods when the public most widely considered her to be guilty. This is an unprecedented trend.

Blande’s approval peaks have reached greater than 90% several times, exceeding that of any US president since Gallup began keeping such statistics in 1933. Her approval ratings were 92% on the second to last day of the criminal trial, 93% immediately following the civil case decision, and 95% after the release of “The Womb” sex tapes. The low point for the ratings, by far, was during the Blande vs. Krouch libel case, when perceived guilt dropped to 84% and her approval fell to a brief nadir of 71%.

These trends suggest several conclusions.

1. Destiny Blande skyrockets off the typical popularity scales, with numbers far exceeding any seen before.
2. We, the public, are convinced that she is guilty of the Satin Strangler murders.
3. We love her.

The more we are convinced that she is guilty, the more we love her.


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